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Use our handy truck load guide to estimate how much junk/trash you have to get rid of, then fill out the form below and a sales representative will contact you.
1. Contact Details  
  First Name* Surname*
  Address* Postcode*
  City* Email*
  2. Type of Junk  
  Builders' Rubble, Soil and Bricks Appliances
  Wood and Lumber Metal
  Garden Refuse, Leaves and Clippings Bric 'a' Brac, Clothes and Light Junk
  Furniture and Other Bulky Items Paper, Magazines and Cardboard
  3. Amount of Junk  
  Minimum Charge 1/8 truck
  1/6 truck 1/4 truck
  1/3 truck 3/8 truck
  1/2 truck 5/8 truck
  2/3 truck 3/4 truck
  5/6 truck 7/8 truck
  Full Truck Other
  4. Location of Junk  
  Driveway or Front of Property Upstairs in Property
  Garage Rear of Property (access through hallway)
  Downstairs in Property Rear of Property (direct access)
  5. Estimate Time For 2 People to Clear  
  Less Than 20 Minutes 1 Hour to 1.5 Hours
  20 Minutes to 40 Minutes 1.5 Hours to 2 Hours
  40 Minutes to 60 Minutes 2 Hours+
  6. Collection Time & Date (done in 2 hour slots)  

7. Where Did You Hear About Junk to Clear?

  Radio Local Press
  Recommendation Yellow Pages
  Internet Other

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